Suprajit Engineering opens new technology centre in Bengaluru


Suprajit Engineering Limited, an Indian automotive cable and halogen bulb maker, has opened the new Suprajit Technology Centre (STC) in Bengaluru.

The company said that it will fully relocate and accommodate the current Suprajit Technology Centre from its corporate office in the next two months into this considerably larger and comprehensive facility.

Akhilesh Rai — Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Suprajit Engineering said: “STC is a one‐stop‐shop for rapid development and R&D out of India, with support functions across our operations. The new facility is dedicated to a team that has grown tremendously internally with multiple successful product launches in recent years and adds an exciting new dimension to the Suprajit story.

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“STC ensures that we can not only support the changing needs of our many customers across segments and geographies, but also break into new avenues of growth.”

According to Suprajit Engineering, the centre with nearly 60 seats will further bolster the existing core teams with additional engineering resources. The centre will house a full range of test and development labs for mechanical, electronics and electro mechanical products.

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The automotive cable and halogen bulb maker said that it will also have a full-fledged proto and small batch production facilities. The centre is located on a 17,000sft facility in the Jigani Industrial area.

N.S. Mohan — Managing Director and Group CEO of Suprajit Engineering said: “A technologically advanced and a self reliant Suprajit is our dream. This Technology centre is a proof of our commitment towards realising this dream.

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“Suprajit technology centre is ready to take on the technical challenges of our customers, both said and unsaid, to provide meaningful optimised solutions.”

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