Infosys launches Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud platform


Infosys has launched a new industry cloud platform for enterprises called Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud for expediting business value and innovation in the cloud across the financial services sector.

According to the Indian IT services provider, Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud is a secure, vertical cloud platform that helps companies fast track cloud adoption, quickly develop cloud native business platforms, propel business agility and growth, promote innovation, and provide a personalized experience for customers.

The new industry cloud platform provides security and regulatory compliance, that is designed and in-built. It also offers financial services-specific assets, microservices, and use case solutions in addition to reusable frameworks, patterns, and blueprints.

Infosys launches Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud platform

Infosys launches Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud platform. Photo courtesy of Binoyjsdk/Wikimedia Commons.

Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud is said to offer low-code apps which can be used by business and citizen developers. It also provides machine learning models to deliver intelligence and amplification of financial services use cases.

Another benefit offered by the industry cloud platform from Infosys is claimed to be expedited cloud migration with tools, prebuilt services, and automation templates, and the capability to run on public cloud.

With the new platform, enterprises are offered a robust alliance partner ecosystem via Infosys Cobalt Cloud, said Infosys. It also gives the capability to enterprises for creating an integrated independent software vendor (ISV) and developer marketplace.

Mohit Joshi — Infosys President said: “The Financial Services industry is seeking to harness the power of cloud for business outcomes, agility and innovation – not just for hosting applications and data. This business focus requires an effective and secure cloud platform for financial services.

“The Infosys Cobalt Financial Services Cloud is designed ground up exclusively for enterprises across the vertical to achieve these outcomes and drive speed to value.”

Recently, Infosys reported a net profit of INR 5,686 crores ($752 million) for the quarter ended 31 March 2022, which is an year-over-year increase of 12%. Read here to know more about Infosys Q4 FY2022 results.

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