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Arrests made in Bengaluru cafe blast case by NIA: Key suspects detained

businessnewstoday- April 13, 2024

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has successfully apprehended Mussavir Hussain Shazeb and Abdul Matheen Taha, the primary suspects behind the bombing at Rameshwaram Cafe in ... Read More

Brigade Enterprises partners with United Oxygen for premier office space in Bengaluru

businessnewstoday- April 3, 2024

In a significant move within the Bengaluru real estate market, Brigade Enterprises Limited has forged a strategic partnership with United Oxygen Company Private Limited, signing ... Read More

Revealed! Why Suchana Seth murdered her 4-year-old son

businessnewstoday- January 17, 2024

In a shocking and unsettling incident that has gripped the nation, Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based AI firm, has been arrested for the ... Read More

Suchana Seth adds new twist to son’s murder, puts blame on estranged husband

businessnewstoday- January 16, 2024

In a dramatic turn of events in Goa, AI startup CEO Suchana Seth, accused of the heinous crime of killing her four-year-old son, has had ... Read More

Suchana Seth murder case : Estranged husband spills the beans to cops

businessnewstoday- January 14, 2024

In a heart-wrenching twist to a tale of familial tragedy, Venkat Raman, the estranged husband of AI start-up CEO Suchana Seth, accused of the shocking ... Read More

Suchana Seth murder case : Bengaluru CEO’s eyeliner-written note unveils marital turmoil

businessnewstoday- January 12, 2024

Suchana Seth murder case : In a sensational twist to the tragic case of the Bengaluru CEO accused of murdering her young son, a handwritten ... Read More

Thomas Cook and SOTC Travel launch charter flights to Bhutan from Bengaluru

businessnewstoday- January 11, 2024

Post-pandemic, Indians are seeking new travel destinations, with Bhutan emerging as a popular choice. Witnessing a 25% growth in demand compared to last year, Thomas ... Read More

Suchana Seth emotionally detached and unrepentant over death of son

businessnewstoday- January 11, 2024

In a sensational and tragic development that has gripped the nation, a Bengaluru woman, accused of murdering her four-year-old son in a hotel room in ... Read More

Suchana Seth : From tech genius to alleged murderer: The dark tale of a CEO’s descent into crime

businessnewstoday- January 10, 2024

In a shocking development that has rocked the tech community and beyond, Suchana Seth, the 39-year-old CEO of a Bengaluru tech startup, has been arrested ... Read More

Tata Motors, BMTC revolutionize Bengaluru’s public transport with Starbus EVs

businessnewstoday- December 27, 2023

India's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Motors, has taken a significant step in transforming Bengaluru’s public transport system by delivering advanced Starbus Electric Vehicles (EVs) ... Read More