Useful Plants for treating Urinary Disorders

Some of the plants which are used for treating the urinary system disorders are Babchi, Turai, Dudal, Tulsi, Ajwain, Satavari etc,.

1. Babchi

Biological Name : Psoralea corylifolia

The seeds of babchi are useful for promoting urination.

2. Turai

Biological Name : Luffa acutangula

Turai acts as an effective diuretic. It also stimulates the mucous membrane of the kidneys as well as urinary passage.

3. Dudal

Biological Name : Taraxacum officinale

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) A close look...

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) A close look at some superb specimens of these most familiar flowers. If only their deep roots weren’t such a nuisance in gardens, I am sure they would be much appreciated for the bright displays they produce in spring. The name is from French ‘dent de lion’ because of the supposed resemblancs of the leaves to lions’ teeth, but paradoxically the French name for them is Pissenlit, meaning ‘wet the bed’, because of the diuretic properties of the edible leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The roots of the dudal is used for chronic disorder of the kidneys.

4. Ajwain

Biological Name : Hyoscyamus niger

Ajwain is useful in urinary infections as irritation of the kidneys.

5. Satavari

Biological Name : Asparagus racemosus

Asperagus racemosus Willd

Asperagus racemosus Willd (Photo credit: lalithamba)

Satavari is effective for kidney problems.

6. Tulsi

Biological Name : Ocimum sanctum

Tulsi seeds are useful in complaints of urinary system.

7. Talmakhana

Biological Name : Hygrophila auriculata

Talmakhana is useful for disorders of urino-genital system. It acts as a diuretic and this property of the drug is due to the presence of combination of both inorganic and organic contents of the plants. Seeds and roots have diuretic property.

8. Bishkopra

Biological Name : Boehavia diffusa

Bishkopra plant has diuretic properties. It promotes urination in dropsy and urinary problems.

9. Kalaunji

Biological Name : Nigella sativa

Kalaunji is useful for kidney and bladder stones.

To keep the kidneys healthy, too much effort is not required. What we have to do is to

  • To control diabetes and blood pressure
  • Don’t administer drugs unnecessarily
  • Watch your urinary symptoms
  • Don’t neglect the pain in the back just below the ribs


Ayurvedic – Cystone

Unani – Kushta Hajrul, Yahood

Homeopathic – Berberis-vulgaris-30, Canthris-30, Alternately with a difference of 2 hours.

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