Renal Colic – Urinary Disorder


What is Renal Colic?

Small stones and gravel passes easily down the ureters and void in the urine or remain in the bladder. Larger stones get impacted in the ureter or pass with great difficulty and gives rise to renal colic. Before this condition arises, the patient complains of an aching loin, with occasional attacks of more colicy pain.

Localisation of pain caused by kidney stones

Localisation of pain caused by kidney stones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Urine has to be passed frequently and is usually blood stained. When the stone begins to pass through the ureter, the pain increases to agony, cold sweat, temperature, rapid pulse until stone suddenly passes and pain ceases.

English: Anatomy of Urinary bladder

English: Anatomy of Urinary bladder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Treatment for Renal Colic:

Many plants are used to treat urinary disorders.

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Some of the plants which are used for treating the urinary system disorders are Babchi, Turai, Dudal, Tulsi, Ajwain, Satavari etc,.

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