Telangana election frenzy: Record-breaking 70.6% voter turnout shakes political landscape


The Telangana Legislative Assembly elections have made a dramatic entrance into the history books with a staggering 70.60% voter turnout. Thursday’s polls, involving the 119-member assembly, concluded largely peacefully, with only a few minor incidents marring an otherwise smooth voting process.

Extended Voting Hours and Anticipated Results

Polling across the 119 assembly segments kicked off at 7 AM under stringent security measures. While 13 Left Wing Extremism-affected constituencies wrapped up by 4 PM, the remaining areas allowed voting until 5 PM. Those in queues at closing time were given the chance to cast their votes, with the final results eagerly awaited on December 3.

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The Political Power Play: BRS, Congress, and BJP in the Spotlight

The political arena is buzzing as the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) fights to retain power for a third consecutive term. In contrast, the opposition Congress has launched an all-out campaign to dethrone the incumbent. Adding to the mix, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has conducted a rigorous campaign, aiming to sway voters in their favor.

Telangana's Historic Vote: A Battle for Power as Turnout Soars to 70.6%

Telangana’s Historic Vote: A Battle for Power as Turnout Soars to 70.6%

Exit Polls and Voter Turnout Trends

Most exit polls have hinted at an advantage for Congress in Telangana. Interestingly, this year’s voter turnout, tentatively recorded at 70.6% by the Election Commission of India, is a slight dip from 2018’s 73.2% but higher than 2014’s 69.5%. The final turnout figures, expected to increase, will be finalized by Friday.

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Clashes and Complaints: A Tense Election Day

The largely peaceful voting day wasn’t without its disturbances. Minor clashes between BRS and Congress workers were reported across multiple constituencies. Election officials swiftly intervened in these instances, with police taking necessary actions to maintain order. Furthermore, the Congress approached the Election Commission of India with multiple complaints against BRS leaders for alleged poll violations, adding to the day’s drama.

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A High-Stakes Election with Global Eyes Watching

The Telangana elections have not just been a local affair but have attracted global attention due to the intense political rivalry and the large number of candidates in the fray, including Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao seeking a third term. The counting of votes on December 3 is set to reveal the future political course of Telangana, making it a crucial event in the Indian political calendar.

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