Modi’s explosive speech in Telangana – Promises, accusations, and vision for 2024


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Telangana a major push ahead of the November 30 Assembly elections. He laid the groundwork for the 2024 elections to the Lok Sabha, clearly stating that it will be a Modi government again at the Centre. He emphasized the benefits of a ‘double-engine sarkar’ for the people of Telangana.

Modi’s Attack on BRS and K. Chandrashekar Rao

Continuing his third consecutive day of campaigning, Modi attacked the BRS and its president, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, along with his family. He accused them of delivering “tears, deceit, unemployed” instead of their promises of “water, funds, jobs” – a major plank of the struggle for Telangana statehood.

Modi's Fiery Rally in Telangana: Promises 'Double-Engine Sarkar' and Targets BRS

Modi’s Fiery Rally in Telangana: Promises ‘Double-Engine Sarkar’ and Targets BRS. Photo courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India/Wikimedia Commons.

Rapturous Roadshow in Hyderabad and Bold Promises

Addressing large public meetings in Mahbubabad and Karimnagar, Modi also led a roadshow in Hyderabad, drawing thousands along the route. He questioned KCR’s ability to lead a technologically advanced and modern Telangana, given his superstitious beliefs.

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Modi’s Pledge for Transparency and Lower Fuel Prices

Modi vowed that a BJP government in Telangana would expedite the probe into the Delhi liquor scam’s local connections and investigate corruption in irrigation projects. He also promised to reduce petrol and diesel prices, a move he claims the BRS government failed to implement.

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Karimnagar’s Transformation into ‘Silver City’

In Karimnagar, Modi promised to turn the city into a ‘silver city’ by supporting its famed filigree workers with modern training, tools, and funds.

Warning Against Voting for Congress

Urging people to vote for BJP, Modi warned against replacing one problem (BRS) with another (Congress). He equated voting for Congress to indirectly supporting BRS and criticized both parties for corruption and dynastic politics.

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Modi’s Rejection of KCR’s Alleged Overtures to BJP

He recalled KCR’s attempts to befriend BJP, which were rejected, as Modi emphasized BJP’s commitment to Telangana’s people. Modi also called out Rao’s superstitious beliefs, including his actions surrounding the demolition of the Secretariat.

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