RJD sparks controversy by comparing new parliament building to coffin


The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has sparked a heated debate by likening the structure of the new Parliament building to a coffin during the inauguration ceremony today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the state-of-the-art Indian Parliament building to the nation, receiving both praise and criticism for the event. The RJD’s tweet featuring a photo of a coffin with the question “Yeh kya hai (What is this?)” in Hindi has drawn strong reactions from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Sushil Modi, a prominent BJP leader, called for treason charges against those who compared the new Parliament building to a coffin. Meanwhile, RJD leader Shakti Yadav accused PM Modi of burying democracy and suggested that the coffin symbolized the demise of democratic values. The RJD had previously declared its intention to boycott the inauguration ceremony.

The BJP swiftly responded to the RJD’s remarks, with Dushyant Gautam, a party leader, expressing disappointment over the comparison and questioning whether the RJD had referred to the old Parliament as “zero.”

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The ruling party in the center has staunchly defended the new building, highlighting its advanced facilities designed to enhance democratic traditions and support the work of Members of Parliament (MPs). The new Lok Sabha chamber can accommodate 888 members, a significant increase from the current capacity of 543.

Rashtriya Janata Dal criticizes PM Modi's inauguration ceremony of the new parliament building, BJP calls for action

Rashtriya Janata Dal criticizes PM Modi’s inauguration ceremony of the new parliament building, BJP calls for action. Photo courtesy of Amit Shah on Twitter.

During the ceremony, PM Narendra Modi Modi recognized and honored the workers involved in constructing the new building. He presented them with mementoes as a token of appreciation. Additionally, the Prime Minister performed a puja and installed the sacred ‘Sengol’ in the Lok Sabha chamber, near the Speaker’s chair. He even paid his respects by prostrating before the ‘Sengol.’

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The controversy surrounding the RJD’s tweet and the subsequent reactions from the BJP has stirred intense debate over the symbolism and significance of the new Parliament building. While the RJD argues for course correction and challenges the democratic values associated with the structure, the BJP defends the project as a testament to India’s constitutional values and future requirements.

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As the discussions continue, the newly constructed Parliament building stands as a symbol of India’s evolving democracy, equipped with advanced amenities to facilitate efficient parliamentary proceedings. The grand structure reflects the government’s commitment to empowering the nation’s democratic institutions and providing an improved workspace for its elected representatives.

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