Congress poised for historic win in Telangana, unseating BRS in dramatic turn of events


In a sensational turn of events, the Congress has surged ahead in the Telangana assembly elections, leading the race for the 119 assembly seats. Early trends are showing the Congress in a powerful position, leading on 63 seats, surpassing the majority mark and leaving the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) trailing with 25 seats.

A Historic Change on the Horizon for Telangana

If these trends continue, Telangana, India’s youngest state, is set to witness a historic shift in power, with the Congress potentially taking the reins for the first time since the state’s inception in 2014. This development signals a major political upheaval, potentially unseating the BRS, which has been in control since the state’s formation.

Stunning Upset in Telangana: Congress Takes Commanding Lead in Assembly Election Shocker

Stunning Upset in Telangana: Congress Takes Commanding Lead in Assembly Election Shocker

Confidence in Congress Camp: A Bold Claim of Victory

Congress spokesperson Lavanya Ballal Jain, in a statement to NDTV, expressed confidence in the party’s victory. “We are confident that we will form the government,” she declared, emphasizing the party’s strength across all states with elections today. Jain also clarified that Congress is not engaging in poaching tactics, maintaining that their approach differs from operations like “Operation Kamala”.

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Election Undercurrents: Anti-Incumbency and Welfare Schemes

The ruling party in Telangana has faced growing anti-incumbency, banking on various welfare measures to retain its grip. These include the Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima schemes for farmers, Dalit and BC Bandhu schemes for deprived classes, and the Gruha Lakshmi scheme for housing the poor. However, these measures seem to be faltering in the face of Congress’s surge.

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Exit Polls and Previous Election Context

Exit polls had predicted a narrow victory for Congress, anticipating a tally of 62 seats, while suggesting a reduction in BRS’s hold to 44 seats. The state saw a turnout of 71.34% in the recent election, slightly lower than in 2018. The 2018 elections had a different narrative, with the TRS dominating with 88 seats, Congress at 19, and other parties like the Telugu Desam Party, AIMIM, and BJP securing a minimal presence.

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