TCS rolls out TCS OmniStore commerce platform on Google Cloud

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that it has made its artificial intelligence (AI) powered unified commerce platform TCS OmniStore available on Google Cloud.

TCS OmniStore is said to be a one commerce platform for all channels that meet the expectation of hassle-free experiences from digital shoppers.  It is part of the TCS Algo Retail suite that helps retailers to smoothly integrate and orchestrate data throughout the retail value chain, using the power of analytics, AI, and machine learning to generate exponential business value.

According to Tata Consultancy Services, shoppers can enjoy flexible omnichannel options like buy online and pick-up in store, instantaneous delivery, partial pickup and futuristic immersive shopping experiences.

By using the TCS OmniStore commerce platform, retailers can arrange integrated multichannel customer journeys and develop memorable micro-experiences, said Tata Consultancy Services.

Tata Consultancy Services rolls out TCS OmniStore commerce platform on Google Cloud

Tata Consultancy Services rolls out TCS OmniStore commerce platform on Google Cloud. Photo courtesy of Aashijo/Wikimedia Commons.

The unified commerce platform leverages diverse, real-time data sources across the ecosystem to create intelligence in the checkout process to enable retailers boost customer experience or stop checkout fraud.

TCS OmniStore’s AI-powered command center is said to facilitate autonomous sensing and self-healing for an ‘always on’ store.

Powered by an open commerce architecture with APIs and microservices, TCS OmniStore gives retailers freedom and flexibility to reuse their available infrastructure, make use of their enterprise capabilities, and create new journeys, services, and apps rapidly without any channel constraints.

The commerce platform from Tata Consultancy Services caters to general merchandise, specialty, discount, restaurant, fashion, telecom, post office, and travel and hospitality industries.

Shankar Narayanan — Tata Consultancy Services Business Group Head of Retail Cluster said: “We are pleased to announce the availability of TCS OmniStore on Google Cloud. Retailers can now take advantage of the combined power of TCS OmniStore’s microservices-based architecture and Google Cloud’s ubiquity to realize significant benefits such as improved performance, resilience, speed, and business value.”

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