Tech Mahindra, Soroco to set up task mining center of excellence in Delhi


Tech Mahindra has entered into a partnership with work graph company Soroco with an aim to set up a large task mining center of excellence (CoE) in New Delhi in order to underpin the evolving digital transformation requirements of customers right from discovery to realization.

The task mining center of excellence is expected to offer an expedited transformation program for business process management and managed services, which will be supported by task mining and intelligent automation.

Soroco and Tech Mahindra will together support customers in developing a culture of continuous improvement, assets, industry best practices, and accelerators to offer a structured approach on-ground.

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The duo will serve global clients across industries like telecom, manufacturing, banking, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods.

Scout, a platform built by Soroco will focus on task mining-led solutions, while Tech Mahindra will help with its implementation, and manage services centered on task mining practices.

Samson David — Soroco CEO said: “We are pleased to partner with Tech Mahindra, one of the leaders in digital transformation. At Soroco, we are building the world’s first work graph platform, a database of shared digital experiences emanating from our daily work.

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“It provides near real-time insights into how work gets done on-ground, and helps enterprises in their transformation journey.

“Through this partnership, we aim to help organizations globally to be able to assess how work happens on-ground and make a profound impact on how people truly experience work.”

Tech Mahindra, through its partnership with the work graph company, is expected to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based process discovery and mining technology to fast track their transformation outcomes.

Birendra Sen — Tech Mahindra Business Process Services Business Head said: “New technology shifts, consumer expectations, and challenging norms have put pressure on organizations to embrace automated digital methodologies. We look forward to our partnership with Soroco to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation processes.

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“Our combined offering will further help to reduce overall operations costs, improve customer experience, drive better compliance, and improve working capital. Tech Mahindra’s Center of Excellence (CoE) will help this strategic partnership to jointly deliver an integrated automation practice that offers an advanced blend of Intelligent Automation and Automation Thinking.”

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