Wipro, Eros to develop AI and ML powered content localization solution


Wipro said that Eros Investments has signed an alliance agreement with the company for developing an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based content localization solution at scale.

Eros Investments owns Eros Media World, Xfinite’s Mzaalo, Eros Now, EXR, and Eros Innovations.

According to Wipro, the content localization solution will automate the otherwise time-consuming manual content localization process of subtitling and dubbing with almost human-level accuracy. This will bring in considerable savings in cost and time for global media firms, post-production, and direct-to-consumer over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms, said the IT services provider.

The data science experts of Eros Investments will work together with Wipro’s technology team to make use of the latter’s Vantage solution, a content intelligence platform powered by AI and ML which uses Google Cloud’s Translation AI suite of services for developing ‘Speech to Text models’ as well as ‘computer-generated voice from Text to speech’, including voice cloning, speed syncing, and emotion tagging in multiple languages.

Wipro, Eros Investments to develop AI and ML powered content localization solution

Wipro, Eros Investments to develop AI and ML powered content localization solution. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

Swaneet Singh — Eros Investments Director, commenting on the content localization solution, said: “In a world where content is taking precedence and crossing the cultural and language barrier, subtitles and dubbing have become a critical component of the video viewing experience.

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“It is well known that ‘good subtitles can’t save a bad film, but bad subtitles can ruin a good one,’ which is one of the reasons why we are co-investing with Wipro in a robust and automated translation solution.

“As global content reach grows, accelerated and accurate localization will be key in making premium original and catalog programming available to new global subscribers and audiences.”

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The first phase of automated translation (subtitling) of the content localization solution will be available in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Malay, Tamil, Bahasa, Hindi, Telugu, and Bengali.

Wipro claims that ‘use cases’ will be useful in training models to later build the solution in other languages. Its Vantage content intelligence platform helps in extracting intelligence/metadata from multiple types of content, video, images, audio, printed text, and more.

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Commenting on the content localization solution, Malay Joshi — Senior Vice President and Sector Head, Communications, Media and Information Tech, Wipro said: “With the ability to scale easily based on client needs, our AI translation solution is ideal for media companies looking to expand their global audience footprint.

“In addition to improving the accuracy of translated content, our offering will reduce the manual effort involved in translation, bringing down costs and time to market significantly. Improving the ability of viewers worldwide to access and enjoy content from other markets will help increase overall global viewing and OTT platform growth and we are very proud to support this effort.”

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