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Urinary System Disorders : Symptoms and Prevention

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Symptoms of Urinary System Disorders: Blood in urine Scanty and painful urination Obstruction in passing urine White urination deposited on the ground Protein in urine ... Read More

Functions of Urinary System and Role of Kidneys

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How and Why the Nitrogenous Waste is produced? When the proteins combine with oxygen, a waste is produced called as nitrogenous wastes. The solid wastes ... Read More

Procedures that deals with Urinary System Diseases

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Some of the procedures are followed to deal with the urinary problems or to treat them when the kidneys fail to function properly. Peritoneal dialysis ... Read More

Laboratory Tests and Clinical Procedures to detect Urinary Disorders

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Laboratory Tests: Some Laboratory tests are carried out for detecting the problems of the urinary system and to how much extent the damage had occurred. ... Read More

Urinary System : Pathological Terminology and Associated Conditions

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Pathological Terminology of Kidneys: Renal cell carcinoma This 8-centimeter carcinoma of the lower pole of the kidney shows extension beyond the cortical surface, but it ... Read More

Urinary System : Meanings of Some Commonly Used Terms

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Vocabulary of Urinary System: We come across some terms in Urinary System, we need to know the meaning of those terms for better understanding of ... Read More

Urinalysis : Tests to detect Pathological Conditions of Urinary System

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What is meant by Urinalysis? Urinalysis is an examination of urine to determine the presence of abnormal elements which may indicate various pathological conditions. White ... Read More

Urinary or Excretory System : Components, Functions and Disorders

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Urinary Diseases and Disorders: Urinary diseases include mainly the diseases of the kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. Anatomy of Kidney Components of the urinary ... Read More

Excretory System : Parts and Functions

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Posted under Category : Health Fundas Excretory System What is Excretory System? Excretory system is a passive biological system that helps in removing the excess ... Read More