Know about maize oil medicinal uses, chemical constituents and synonyms


oil or Corn oil is a fatty oil obtained from the plant Zea mays.

Corn can be eaten after frying in the coal and they can be used raw also. Corn is also available as sweet corn and corn flakes. Corn is also used in preparing many foods and recipes.

Chemical Constituents of Oil:

oil contains glycerides of linoleic, linolenic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids.

Unsaponifiable matter of the corn oil consists of gama tocopherol and sitisterols.

Crude corn oil contains phospholipids.

Corn oil contains a natural anti-oxidant in the form of tocopherol.

The stability of the corn oil is due to this natural anti-oxidant namely ferulic acid.

Corn oil also contains ubiquinone (also known as co-enzyme Q), which also possess anti-oxidant property.

Synonyms of in different languages:

  • Bengali – Bhuththe janar
  • Gujrati – Makai
  • Hindi – Makka, Bhutta
  • Malayalam – Jaguny
  • Marathi – Maka, makaibanda
  • Sanskrit – Yanarala
  • Tamil – Makka-chalam
  • Telugu – Makka-zonnalu

Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits of Corn (maize) oil:

  • oil is used as a solvent for injections
  • Corn oil is used as a solvent for high calorie dietary supplement
  • oil is also used in
  • Corn oil is used in the preparations of margarine
  • oil is a source of essential fatty acids
  • Corn oil lowers the blood cholesterol levels
  • oil is a source of vitamin E (Tocopherol)
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