Heat Cramps and the First Aid

Heat Relief!

Heat Relief! 

First Aid for Heat Cramps

Some discomforts are resulted in the human body due to prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold. One of them is heat cramps which are muscle spasms resulting due to a heavy loss of water and salts from the body. These heat cramps are commonly observed in athletes in outdoor sports.

When the environment is very hot, it is important to drink large quantities of water. The sweating (perspiration) during sultry weather may be very high which results in loss salts and water from the body. By drinking water, the water level is replenished but salts are not replenished. Thus salt water imbalance is resulted which gives the feeling of fainting and dizziness. Stomach cramps and muscle pain in the legs are also accompanied when there is a heavy loss of body salts. To get relieved from such sensation, salt coated tablets have to be taken. It is advised to take salt coated tablets or electrolyte fluids regularly by those who suffer from extreme perspiration in the hot weather.

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