Heat Exhaustion : Causes and Treatment

Goalfinder high-temperature-heat-strok

Goalfinder high-temperature-heat-stroke heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion results due to accumulation of large quantities of blood in the skin as a part of cooling mechanism in case of very high external temperature.

Due to the accumulation of blood in the peripheral system, the blood supply gets lowered centrally i.e the blood supply to the heart and brain gets decreased. Due to this fainting may result. Other symptoms may include profused cold perspiration and unusual pallor (reduced oxyhaemoglobin or paleness). The pulse rate may be weak and breathing may be shallow.

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Treatment for Heat Exhaustion:

The persons suffering from heat exhaustion should be kept in reclining position and his clothes should be loosened or removed. His body should be cooled with moist clothes by applying to the forehead and wrists. If he is unconscious, give him smelling salts by keeping them near his nose and after recovery, salts tablets can be suggested. Sugary drink can be given which may be either tea or coffee as they act as the stimulants. Alcoholic beverages should not be given.

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