HCL Technologies introduces automated Kubernetes migration platform

HCL Technologies has launched HCL KMP, a Kubernetes migration platform (KMP), for helping organizations in expediting application modernization.

HCL KMP is designed to be an automated solution that helps companies shift workloads from legacy on-premises and Cloud Foundry environments to modern platforms that are based on Kubernetes.

According to HCL Technologies, the Kubernetes migration platform can help organizations in cutting down risk and complete migrations up to 120 times quicker than manual alternatives.

Additionally, HCL KMP is said to let organizations seamlessly move workloads between hybrid, multi-cloud environments built on various Kubernetes-based platforms such as Google GKE, Amazon EKS, Microsoft Azure AKS, Rancher, VMWare TKGI, and Red Hat OpenShift.

The Kubernetes migration platform of HCL Technologies is also said to give more freedom of choice to organizations, thereby making sure that they are run on the most cost-effective platforms and helping in avoiding vendor lock-in.

HCL Technologies introduces automated Kubernetes migration platform

HCL Technologies introduces automated Kubernetes migration platform. Photo courtesy of Mohit Agarwal/Wikipedia.org.

Kalyan Kumar — HCL Technologies CTO and Head of Ecosystems said: “Enterprises have grown increasingly concerned with the operational costs of maintaining legacy Cloud Foundry environments in a cloud-native world.

“Limited modernization capabilities in Cloud Foundry have made it difficult to migrate to Kubernetes without an excessive investment of time and resources. KMP creates a bridge to the future, by offering our clients a fast, fully automated, and hassle-free journey to any Kubernetes-based platform.”

Recently, HCL Technologies, through its subsidiary Sankalp Semiconductors Private Limited, signed a deal to acquire Bengaluru-based Quest Informatics, an aftermarket, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) company. (Read here for HCL acquisition of Quest Informatics)

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