Yevo-Yakhinskiy Cluster : NOVATEK begins pilot production from gas condensate deposits

Russian natural gas producer PAO NOVATEK said that its subsidiary OOO NOVATEK-Yurkharovneftegas has commenced pilot production from gas condensate deposits at the Yevo-Yakhinskiy Cluster in Russia.

The Yevo-Yakhinskiy Cluster includes the Yevo-Yakhinskoye and Ust-Yamsoveyskoye fields and a part of the Urengoyskoye field, within the boundaries of the Olimpiyskiy license area.

According to PAO NOVATEK, the yearly production level at the Yevo-Yakhinskiy Cluster is 4 bcm of natural gas along with 1.3 mmt of gas condensate.

Leonid Mikhelson — NOVATEK Chairman of the Management Board said: “Maintaining pipeline gas production levels within the reach of the Unified Gas Supply System for the domestic market supplies, as well as gas condensate production to secure the load of our processing capacities remains one of the main priorities of the Company.

“The Yevo-Yakhinskiy Cluster fields will contribute significantly to our gas and gas condensate production.”

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