Health benefits of eating Guava fruit


Guava fruit is full of healthy benefits as it is rich in vitamin C along with many nutrients. Let us see the amazing health benefits of guava fruits in this post.

Guava health benefits

Guava fruit is rich in vitamin C that improves your immunity and keeps you resistant to infections like cold, that usually occur in rainy season. Vitamin C also prevents you from getting cancer.

Guava contains copper that maintains the health of thyroid gland. Guava fruit also helps in digestion as it has anti bacterial property and keeps digestive system in healthy condition.

Consumption of guava balances the amount of potassium and sodium levels in your body and is helpful in maintaining the blood pressure along with reducing bad cholesterol.

Antioxidants in Guava protect your skin and keep it healthy. If you eat one guava daily, you can keep your skin fit and can prevent occurrence of wrinkles in early age. As Vitamin C is abundant in Guava, it protects your eyes.

Guava prevents the occurrence of and other mouth problems in addition to bacaterial infection of teeth. Guava is also rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates. So even if you eat one guava, you can feel your stomach as full.

Guava is also good for those suffering from indigestion, vomiting. For this you need to take four guava leaves and boil them in water. Drink that water to treat the problems of indigestion and vomiting.

made with guava leaves is good to maintain your blood glucose levels.

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