Laparoscopic Surgery : Recent Advances in Diabetes Treatment

Usually for treating Diabetes, tablets and insulin injections are used daily. Now one can get rid of all these troubles by undergoing the Laparoscopic (Key-hole) Surgery which has been found by a Brazilian Doctor recently.

Dr. Aureo DE Paula - Brazilian Doctor

Dr. Aureo DE Paula – Founder of Laparoscopic Surgery to treat Diabetes

Founder of Laparoscopic Surgery for treating Diabetes:

Dr. Aurio D Paulo is credited for this recent advancement and this Laproscopic Surgeon from Brazil has conducted around 700 surgeries in the past seven years and among these Diabetes was not only controlled but also cured eventually.

To assess the long run results of these surgeries, a seminar named ‘Dia Surge‘ was held in August 2010. Dr. Aurio D Paulo had trained Dr.Surendra Ugale of Hyderabad and Dr.Raman Goyal of Mumbai and both of them are conducting these operations in Hyderabad.

The first operation was already conducted in the Kirloskar Hospital located in Hyderabad, India two years back. The advantage of this operation is that Diabetes can be cured without the intake of medicines. About 90% of the patients maintained glucose levels in blood without the use of medicines and insulin injections.

After the operation, there are no changes in the B.P. and cholesterol levels and they were under control. Kidney problems are also reduced.

There are three steps in conducting the operation :

Step 1 – Ileal Transposition:

A part of the small intestine called ‘ileum’ is attached to the digestive tract (Hind gut Theory). By doing this, the ileum comes closer to the digestive tract and the hormones like Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) produced in the former get mixed with the food and stimulate the pancreatic gland to release insulin. By doing this, the production of insulin is induced and the blood glucose level is maintained.

Step 2 – Removal of a part of digestive tract :

By doing this step, a hormone called ‘ghrelin’ is released from the fundus part (Fore gut Theory) of the stomach. This ghrelin causes ‘insulin resistance’. So during surgery as some part of the digestive tract is removed, the hormone is reduced and insulin resistance gets lowered. Thus Blood Glucose level gets maintained.

Step 3 – Sympathectomy :

The sympathetic nerves that are connected to the pancreas and liver are removed. This step is called ‘Sympathectomy’ and is performed to dilate the blood vessels. Thus this surgery is giong to be a boon to control and cure Type-2 Diabetes. Randomised clinical trails are going on at present on this surgery and it is showing better results for reducing weight compared to the Diabetes Treatment. The only thing is that it is yet to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). But in Osteoporosis (a condition in which bones are fragile) patients as they are deficient in calcium levels, they are adviced to take vitamin tablets and also undergo check-up. In patients having problems in heart, kidney and brain are advised not to undergo this surgery.

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