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FDA issues warning letter to Medtronic diabetes business

businessnewstoday- December 15, 2021 0

Medtronic said that it has been issued a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its facility in Northridge, California, which ... Read More

Cipla signs licensing deal with Lilly to sell two diabetes drugs in India

businessnewstoday- October 4, 2021 0

Cipla has signed a licensing deal with the Indian subsidiary of US pharma giant Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) pertaining to the latter’s diabetes treatments ... Read More

Lilly takes full ownership of biotech company Protomer Technologies

businessnewstoday- July 14, 2021 0

Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) has taken full ownership of California-based biotech company Protomer Technologies in a deal that is potentially worth more than $1 ... Read More

AstraZeneca India scraps Dapagliflozin distribution deal with Abbott

businessnewstoday- May 30, 2021 0

AstraZeneca Pharma India (AstraZeneca India) said that it has scrapped its distribution agreement with Abbott Healthcare pertaining to its Type 2 diabetes drug Dapagliflozin in ... Read More

CenterLab’s anti-diabetic drug candidate CS02 meets primary endpoint in phase 2 trial

pharmanewsdaily- July 11, 2020 0

Taiwanese pharma company Center Laboratories (CenterLab) said that its anti-diabetic drug candidate CS02 has met the primary endpoint of a phase 2 clinical trial. According ... Read More

Medtronic secures $337m from Blackstone to develop diabetes technologies

pharmanewsdaily- June 14, 2020 0

Irish medical device company Medtronic has secured a $337 million product investment from Blackstone Life Sciences for advancing new, innovative products particularly designed to ease the ... Read More

Mylan, Biocon get FDA approval for Semglee in type 1 and 2 diabetes

pharmanewsdaily- June 12, 2020 0

Mylan and Biocon have secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Semglee (insulin glargine injection) in vial and pre-filled pen presentations ... Read More

ForaCare Suisse launches FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device

pharmanewsdaily- January 4, 2020 0

ForaCare Suisse has launched a new cellular multi-functional diabetes monitoring device FORA 6 GTel based on its Lab in the Pocket technology. The Lab in ... Read More

Novo Nordisk acquires glucose binding molecules developer Ziylo

Soujanya Ravi- August 24, 2018 0

Novo Nordisk acquisition of Ziylo : Danish pharma company Novo Nordisk  has acquired Ziylo, a University of Bristol spin-out biotechnology company, in a deal that ... Read More

Pterocarpus marsupium benefits for diabetes | Pterocarpus marsupium uses

pharmanewsdaily- May 6, 2018 0

Pterocarpus marsupium works well for treating diabetes. Know about pterocarpus marsupium uses, chemical constituents and synonyms in this post. Source and Distribution of Pterocarpus: Pterocarpus ... Read More