Sleeping Warm might keep Cold at Bay


What is Common Cold?

Common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and affects everybody at any part of the year but more commonly in winter and rainy seasons.

Who are affected with Common Cold?

Children are more prone for common cold due to their low resistance and the infection spreads easily in the schools and nurseries.

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Cold is an infection due to lowered resistance in the body.

Sleeping Warm Might Keep Cold At Bay

Sleeping Warm Might Keep Cold At Bay

There are no proper medication to cure the disease but drugs which can boost up the immunity in the body like Vitamin A and C and thereby controlling the cold. Other symptomatic drugs are used to alleviate the symptoms.

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Research on Cold Virus:

A research recently found that cold virus easily affects the persons with less sleep.In a trial they found that people with less than 8 hours of normal sleep are at higher risk for getting cold than the normal sleepers.

It could be a reason that regular sleep helps in recouping the lost energies and boosting the immunity system of the body. Therefore have a nice sleep and keep the cold at a distance.

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