Wipro partners with Amigos do Bem to bring philanthropic initiative Wipro Cares to Brazil


Wipro Limited, an Indian technology and consulting services company, has announced its partnership with Brazil-based institution Amigos do Bem. This alliance marks the inaugural project of Wipro’s philanthropic initiative, Wipro Cares, in Brazil. Aimed at promoting social inclusion and alleviating poverty, the collaboration successfully distributed nearly a thousand food baskets, impacting around five thousand lives across more than 95 villages in Alagoas, Ceará, and Pernambuco states.

Leaders Highlight the Significance of Wipro Cares and Amigos do Bem in Brazil

Wagner Jesus, Country Head of Wipro Brazil, spoke on the strategic importance of the initiative, saying, “The collaboration with Amigos do Bem is aligned with Wipro Cares’ foundational principles, aimed at aiding communities at risk. We are thrilled to take joint actions that transform the lives of those most in need.”

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André de Luca, executive director at Amigos do Bem, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “This alliance represents a strong collaboration between two organizations deeply committed to social betterment. We are confident this will make a difference.”

Decades of Social Impact: Amigos do Bem and Wipro Cares

Amigos do Bem, with over 30 years of operations, is renowned as one of Brazil’s most impactful social projects, serving more than 150,000 people in marginalized areas. Meanwhile, Wipro Cares has made a significant global footprint. Since its formation, it has touched over two million lives in more than 30 countries through partnerships with local organizations. Wipro Cares has donated over five million meals and contributed more than 10,000 volunteer hours to diverse social projects.

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Wipro Cares Expands Global Outreach, Impacting Lives in Brazil

The introduction of Wipro Cares in Brazil amplifies its international reach and underscores Wipro’s commitment to social responsibility on a global scale. The initiative extends to education, health, and sustainability sectors, among others, emphasizing Wipro’s dedication to enriching lives and nurturing communities worldwide.

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In summary, the partnership between Wipro and Amigos do Bem through Wipro Cares sets a new benchmark for social change in Brazil. It serves as a beacon for other organizations to foster social inclusion and contribute to poverty alleviation, thereby building stronger, more resilient communities.

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