Wipro to help Sanepar deploy business management solution in cloud

Wipro said that it has been selected by Paraná Sanitation Company (Sanepar), a Brazilian water and waste management company, to help the latter deploy a business management solution in the cloud for considerably expediting its digital transformation.

The Indian IT services company will be partnering with Oracle in this regard.

As per the terms of the agreement, Wipro will lead the migration of the back office operations of Sanepar to Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

According to Wipro, the shift to the cloud of the business management solution will give accurate, real-time insights to Sanepar into its business processes, speed up decision-making and enhance customer service in a quickly evolving market environment under the new legal framework.

The new Basic Sanitation Legal Framework in Brazil (Bill 4162/2019) is designed to extend the reach of water and sanitation services to at least 90% of all Brazilian homes by 2033.

Besides, the new legal framework enables private investment into the market, thereby, giving scope for collaboration between public and private firms.

Wipro to help Brazilian water and waste management company Sanepar deploy business management solution in cloud

Wipro to help Brazilian water and waste management company Sanepar deploy business management solution in cloud. Photo courtesy of Simplus Menegati/Wikimedia Commons.

Priscila Brunetta — Sanepar Administrative Director said: “The implementation of the solution provided by Wipro is an important step in Sanepar’s digital evolution.

“Faced with a changing scenario in the regulatory framework of the sanitation sector in Brazil, Sanepar stands out by adopting measures to improve its level of excellence, which includes the use of new and advanced technologies in line with strategic organizational demands and best practices in market.”

Wipro further stated that Sanepar’s migration of the business management solution to a cloud-based ERP system will boost competitiveness and agility to help the latter get real-time insights into operational, financial, customer relationship management processes and will fuel the acceleration of processes as they continue to grow their operations.

The Indian IT company will implement new business processes on the cloud-based Oracle ERP solution which is said to provide the benefits of lower infrastructure costs, standardizing and integrating business processes along with an increased level of operational efficiency in Sanepar.

Douglas Silva — Vice President and Country Head, Brazil, Wipro said: “Wipro’s solution meets all of the customer’s needs, and the partnership with Oracle takes real innovation to the public sector.”

Earlier this month, Wipro joined the Intel Foundry Services Accelerator as a charter design services partner.

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