What is Calamine and its Uses?

Properties of Calamine?

Calamine is a odourless powder, pink in colour and fine. Calamine is an ore and it contains zinc oxide and small amount of ferric oxide.

Chemical constituents of Calamine:

Calamine contains 99% zinc oxide and 0.5 % ferric oxide.

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The colour of the calamine is due to the presence of ferric oxide only. Calcium should not be present when it is used for pharmaceutical purposes.

Uses of Calamine:

  • Calamine is used as a Topical Astringent
  • Calamine acts as a Skin protectant
  • Calamine is used as an Antiseptic
  • Calamine is used as an Antipruritic
  • Calamine is used as an ingredient in preparation of creams and lotions
  • Calamine is used as an ingredient in cosmetics
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