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Mouth Washes – Functional Requirements

pharmanewsdaily- March 21, 2023

Mouthwashes are also known as mouth rinses. There are many types of mouthwash available in the market now like Colgate plax, Listerine mouthwash, etc. Functions ... Read More

Everything you need to know about baby products, ingredients & information

pharmanewsdaily- November 14, 2018

Baby products or baby preparations are mainly used for babies to protect their skin and hair and they are made under hygienic conditions. Check out ... Read More

Olen Cosmetics launches Sunblocz natural sunscreen

pharmanewsdaily- April 14, 2018

Canada based Olen Cosmetics, the maker of products like Baby Butz and Supraderm, has launched a new natural sunscreen product Sunblocz. The Sunblocz creams are ... Read More

Experts warn women not to use cosmetics during pregnancy

pharmanewsdaily- April 2, 2018

Experts warn pregnant women not to use any kind of cosmetics during their first trimester like cleaning agents, make-up products, anti-acne creams etc to protect ... Read More

Saje Natural Wellness to open natural health and beauty stores in US

pallavi123- October 29, 2016

Health and beauty retailer Saje Natural Wellness is all set to foray into the US with new storefronts. Based in Vancouver, Saje has been making ... Read More

What is Calamine and its Uses?

pharmanewsdaily- September 29, 2013

Properties of Calamine? Calamine is a odourless powder, pink in colour and fine. Calamine is an ore and it contains zinc oxide and small amount ... Read More

Mouth Washes : Formulation and Manufacturing

pharmanewsdaily- March 21, 2013

Formulation of Mouthwashes: Mouth washes are formulated with the aqueous or alcoholic solutions of flavouring oils. These mouth washes removes the bad odours and gives ... Read More

Mouth Washes : Types and Functions

pharmanewsdaily- March 21, 2013

Smart Mouth Mouthwash  What are mouth washes? Mouth washes are the liquid dentifrices and are formulated in ready to use form or in concentrated form. ... Read More

Properties of Shaving Preparations

pharmanewsdaily- February 13, 2013

Shaving Preparations Properties Shaving is done for removal of hair with the razor. To make shaving tolerable with razor, many shaving preparations have been made. ... Read More

Rhytidectomy : Surgical Procedure for Treating Wrinkles

pharmanewsdaily- January 21, 2013

Rhytidectomy for treating Wrinkles What is Rhytidectomy? ‘Rhytidectomy’ is a surgical procedure used in plastic surgery for face lifting by removing the fat between the ... Read More