Abbott secures Bigfoot Biomedical to boost diabetes care tech


Abbott has wrapped up the previously announced acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical. The latter which is a Silicon Valley-based front-runner is celebrated for its revolutionary smart insulin management systems, notably enhancing diabetes care for patients worldwide.

This acquisition propels Abbott’s standing in the diabetes domain, complementing its dominant FreeStyle Libre suite – a state-of-the-art continuous glucose monitoring system. Abbott’s ambitious vision to pioneer personalized, precision-driven diabetes management solutions gains momentum with Bigfoot Biomedical’s integration.

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Per the merger’s specifics, Bigfoot Biomedical will transition into a fully-owned Abbott subsidiary. The monetary intricacies remain undisclosed.

Abbott completes acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical

Abbott completes acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical. Photo courtesy of Abbott.

Notably, the Abbott-Bigfoot Biomedical collaboration isn’t new. Since 2017, both giants have synergized to produce connected diabetes tech. One of Bigfoot’s crowning achievements, the Bigfoot Unity system, boasts the market’s first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved connected insulin pen caps. These smart caps, leveraging integrated continuous glucose monitoring (iCGM) data, meld with healthcare professional guidelines to offer precise insulin doses. Such innovation simplifies the diabetes management process, displaying dosing recommendations on a user-friendly digital screen.

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Exclusively integrating with Abbott’s superior FreeStyle Libre technology, the Bigfoot Unity system also showcases a user-centric smartphone app. This app connects seamlessly to a cloud-based portal, facilitating healthcare providers in remotely assisting patients. The system’s versatility extends to compatibility with FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors and major US-available disposable insulin pens, catering to both long-acting and rapid-acting insulin needs. It’s a solution tailored for individuals, aged 12 and above, necessitating multiple daily insulin injections.

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Originating from Milpitas, Bigfoot Biomedical has consistently aimed to alleviate the manifold burdens of insulin-reliant diabetes. Their approach? Utter simplicity. By stripping away unnecessary complexity, Bigfoot empowers diabetic patients to lead the lives they aspire for, underpinning their belief that the onus is on innovators to mold tools around patients’ lives, not vice-versa.

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