Tech Mahindra, Bank of Baroda to revolutionize customer experience


Tech Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services, has announced a partnership with Bank of Baroda to deploy digital solutions that will significantly enhance the customer experience and drive digital innovation in the banking sector.

As part of this transformative partnership, Tech Mahindra has established a cutting-edge Centre of Excellence (CoE) exclusively for Bank of Baroda’s Contact Centre. This CoE will equip the bank’s customer service representatives with next-generation tools and technologies to meet the dynamic requirements of customers in the digital age, ensuring improved customer satisfaction.

The primary objective of this strategic alliance is to digitally transform Bank of Baroda’s operations through the seamless integration of multiple digital solutions within the Contact Centre.

Leveraging its technical and software capabilities, the Indian IT company will spearhead the digitalization efforts by introducing groundbreaking solutions, including speech analytics, quality monitoring tool, knowledge management portal, conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR), BOT-based training tools, and more. These advanced technologies will streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide a superior customer experience.

Tech Mahindra partners with Bank of Baroda to deploy digital solutions for enhanced customer experience

Tech Mahindra partners with Bank of Baroda to deploy digital solutions for enhanced customer experience. Photo courtesy of Tech Mahindra Limited.

Dinesh Pant — Bank of Baroda CGM said: “Our partnership with Tech Mahindra is a major step forward in ensuring greater operational efficiency and providing immersive experiences to our customers through the deployment of digital solutions across India. Tech Mahindra’s Center of Excellence will help modernize our non-core operations as we march forward in our digital transformation journey.”

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Tech Mahindra’s extensive network and robust infrastructure capabilities, combined with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, 5G, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), will play a pivotal role in transforming the customer experience and delivering tangible business outcomes for Bank of Baroda. By leveraging these disruptive technologies, the bank will position itself as a frontrunner in digital innovation, setting new industry standards.

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This strategic partnership is in perfect alignment with Tech Mahindra’s DigitALL philosophy, which encompasses comprehensive business transformation. Adhering to the NXT.NOW framework, Tech Mahindra focuses on investing in emerging technologies and solutions that prioritize a ‘Human Centric Experience.’

By embracing these forward-thinking technologies, Bank of Baroda can effectively address evolving customer needs and embark on a successful digital transformation journey.

The collaboration between Tech Mahindra and Bank of Baroda represents a significant milestone in digital innovation within the banking sector. By deploying advanced digital solutions, Bank of Baroda aims to enhance operational efficiency and create a customer-centric environment.

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Tech Mahindra’s expertise in digital transformation and its cutting-edge technologies will undoubtedly drive the success of this partnership and reshape the future of customer experience in the banking industry.

Birendra Sen — Tech Mahindra Business Head of Business Process Services said: “Technology has the power to profoundly transform the banking sector and enhance customer experiences by altering traditional banking processes. Our partnership with Bank of Baroda is another step towards empowering the banking sector with new-age technologies and digital solutions.

“Through our first-of-its-kind Centre of Excellence, we will aim to extensively deploy digital solutions to help Bank of Baroda achieve greater operational efficiency and provide improved services to their end customer. This partnership is yet another landmark in Tech Mahindra’s journey towards becoming a partner of choice for the Indian banking industry.”

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