TCS bags contract from Transport for London for smart mobility system

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that it has bagged a 10-year contract from Transport for London (TfL) for designing, implementing, and operating a new smart mobility system, aimed at transforming the administration of taxi and private hire vehicles in the British capital.

The contract has a provision to be extended for five years.

As per the terms of the contract, Tata Consultancy Services will be responsible for the digital transformation of taxi and private hire licensing and administration. Besides, the Indian IT company will have to implement continuous improvements and innovation in response to changing industry trends and demands of the customers.

Graham Robinson — General Manager of Transport for London Taxi and Private Hire said: “An efficient and effective licensing system is paramount for any regulator overseeing taxi and private hire operations in a world city. We are pleased to have signed this contract with TCS, as it ensures our business keeps pace with technological developments and gives the best possible service to licensees.”

TCS bags contract from Transport for London for smart mobility system

TCS bags contract from Transport for London for smart mobility system. Photo courtesy of Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay.

Tata Consultancy Services will design and introduce the new smart mobility system by tapping its DigiGOV framework for rapid digital transformation.

According to the Indian IT services provider, the system will feature an on-demand data and records management system for boosting user experience by providing services such as licensing payments and refunds to vehicle operators and owners by means of digital channels.

Tata Consultancy Services said that streamlined workflows help in linking the user-friendly front-end interfaces with bookings, processing of personal details, inspections of vehicles, and other back-end activities. The company stated that this digital shift by design will promote a self-service approach among licensees.

Furthermore, with data hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the new smart mobility system will be scalable to facilitate future growth, and resilient so that customers do not experience outages during operational hours.

The new Transport for London smart mobility system will also be flexible and extensible for complying with changing policy requirements and legislation, said Tata Consultancy Services.

Amit Kapur —Tata Consultancy Services UK and Ireland Country Head said: “TfL is the foremost transportation authority in the world with its innovative approach to managing urban transportation with the use of technology and data.

“The new TCS-designed technology system will meet TfL’s key objectives, enhance customer experience and enable future requirements including connected, shared, electric, autonomous vehicle registrations.”

Recently, Tata Consultancy Services was selected by Avianca, a South American airline, as its strategic partner for its cloud transformation journey.

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