BJP President J P Nadda calls for CBI probe into Dharwad student’s murder


BJP National President J P Nadda has called for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the tragic murder of 23-year-old college student Neha Hiremath in Dharwad, Karnataka. Neha, the daughter of Congress corporator Niranjan Hiremath, was fatally stabbed by a former classmate on April 18 within her college premises, leading to widespread public outcry and protests. In response to this horrific incident, Nadda visited the bereaved family to offer condolences and expressed the party’s readiness to support a CBI-led investigation to ensure justice for Neha.

Political Reactions and Family’s Demand for Justice

During his visit, Nadda made it clear that the BJP would support transferring the case to the CBI if the state police were found lacking in their capabilities to handle the sensitive matter. “From what I have heard from her father and the way her mother narrated the incident, it is such a heartbreaking incident…,” Nadda recounted, highlighting the emotional weight of the tragedy. The victim’s father has openly expressed his distrust in the state police’s ability to conduct a fair investigation, advocating instead for a CBI probe.

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Controversy and Criticisms Amidst Mourning

The incident quickly escalated into a political controversy, with accusations flying between Karnataka’s ruling Congress and the opposition BJP. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Home Minister G Parameshwara’s comments on the case have been criticized by Nadda, who argued that their statements might “influence” and “dilute” the ongoing police investigation. The BJP has leveraged this incident to criticize the state’s law and order situation, hinting at possible motives like “love jihad,” though the Congress maintains that the murder was motivated by personal issues.

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Implications of the Demand for CBI Intervention

The demand for CBI intervention underscores the complexities of handling high-profile criminal cases in politically sensitive environments. It raises questions about the efficiency and impartiality of local law enforcement agencies and the potential need for higher-level oversight in cases that receive significant public and political attention.

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The move to involve the CBI could be seen as a strategic push by the BJP to frame the incident within a broader narrative of failing law and order under the Congress-led state government. This case highlights the intricate balance between local governance responsibilities and the central authorities’ role in ensuring justice, especially in cases involving political figures and their families.

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