Million-dollar tragedy: Indian-origin family’s mysterious end in US luxury home


In a sensational twist, a wealthy Indian-origin family, including a couple and their teenage daughter, were found dead in their $5 million mansion in Dover, Massachusetts. The shocking discovery, made around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, is being treated as an apparent case of domestic violence.

The deceased, identified as Rakesh Kamal, 57, his wife Teena, 54, and their 18-year-old daughter Ariana, were residents of the sprawling estate in Dover, a suburb located 32 kilometers southwest of Boston. The Kamals had previously run EduNova, an education systems company that ceased operations.

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Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey described the incident as a “terrible tragedy” and a “domestic violence situation.” A gun was found near Rakesh Kamal’s body, but Morrissey refrained from confirming whether the deaths were a result of murder-suicide.

Tragic end in a mansion of dreams: Indian-origin family found dead in Massachusetts

Tragic end in a mansion of dreams: Indian-origin family found dead in Massachusetts

The couple, who faced financial problems in recent years, saw their mansion go into foreclosure a year ago. The 19,000-square-foot estate, boasting 11 bedrooms, was later sold to Wilsondale Associates LLC for $3 million. The Kamals initially purchased the property for $4 million in 2019.

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Teena Kamal, a Harvard University alumnus, was the chief operating officer of EduNova. She had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in September 2022, with liabilities ranging between $1 million and $10 million. However, the case was dismissed due to insufficient documentation.

Rakesh Kamal, an alumnus of Boston University, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Stanford University, had held executive positions in education consulting before EduNova.

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The family’s tragic end occurred in a neighborhood known for its affluence and safety. The DA stated that there had been no prior police reports or domestic incidents linked to the home.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with Morrissey emphasizing the rarity of such violent events in Dover, a small, well-run community. The DA noted that this was the first homicide case he has worked in this neighborhood during his 12 years in office.

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