US East Coast engulfed by severe storm: Over 300,000 without power in devastating weather event


A massive storm system, which initially struck South Carolina with record-breaking flooding, has now escalated to a full-blown crisis on the East Coast. More than 300,000 customers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maine are facing power outages as the storm continues its destructive path northward.

Widespread Disruption and Danger

Residents along the Interstate 95 corridor are bracing for a perilous Monday commute, with eleven states under flood watches. Heavy rain and strong winds are severely impacting the region, leading to a flood advisory in New York City. The city is grappling with power outages, downed trees, and inundated roads.

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New York City’s Emergency Response

Mayor Eric Adams has issued a travel advisory in New York City, cautioning residents to avoid the roads and opt for mass transit instead. High wind alerts extend from North Carolina to Maine, with wind gusts predicted to reach 60 mph. Stamford, Connecticut, has already experienced gusts of 66 mph.

Record-Breaking Storm Hits Northeast: Floods, Power Outages, and Travel Chaos

Record-Breaking Storm Hits Northeast: Floods, Power Outages, and Travel Chaos

Flight Cancellations and Airport Closures

Hundreds of flights within, into, or out of the U.S. have been canceled, with New York City’s LaGuardia Airport and Boston Logan International Airport facing the brunt of the disruptions.

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The Storm’s Initial Impact

Initially hitting Florida, the storm then caused unprecedented flooding in South Carolina, dropping more than 16 inches of rain between Charleston and Georgetown. Neighborhoods were flooded, and cars were stalled, with some areas receiving 6 inches of rain in just six hours.

Historic Tides and Rescues in Charleston

Charleston recorded its highest “non-tropical” tide on record and its fourth-highest overall, including tropical systems. Dozens of rescues were conducted during the flooding, although no injuries or deaths have been reported so far.

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The Storm’s Progression and Aftermath

By Monday afternoon, the rain is expected to cease in New York City and linger in New England. As the storm continues its journey, it leaves behind a trail of chaos and destruction, stretching from the southern shores of Florida to the northern reaches of Maine.

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