Indian Bank achieves remarkable growth in Q3-FY2024 with substantial profit increase


Indian Bank, a leading figure in India’s banking sector, has disclosed its financial results for the quarter and nine months ending December 31, 2023, showcasing remarkable growth and operational excellence. The bank’s global business soared to 11.64 lakh crore, marking an 11% year-on-year increase, a testament to its strategic initiatives and robust performance across all sectors.

Financial Performance Highlights

The quarter ended December 2023 (Q3 FY24) emerged as a period of significant achievement for Indian Bank, with a net profit surge of 52% YoY, reaching INR 2,119 crore, up from INR 1,396 crore in December 2022. The profit before tax exhibited even more substantial growth of 78% YoY, climbing to INR 2,747 crore. The operating profit slightly improved to INR 4,097 crore, and net interest income saw a 6% increase YoY, attesting to the bank’s efficient operational management and strategic lending practices.

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Segmental Growth and Digital Banking Expansion

Notably, the bank reported significant advancements in its Cash Logistics, Managed Services, and Technology Solution Business, alongside remarkable growth in Retail, Agriculture, and MSME (RAM) advances, which grew by 13% YoY. The bank’s focus on priority sectors was evident, with its portfolio standing at INR 171,480 crore, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and supporting the nation’s economic development.

Indian Bank's Financial Milestones: Q3-FY2024 Earnings Exceed Expectations

Indian Bank’s Financial Milestones: Q3-FY2024 Earnings Exceed Expectations

The bank’s emphasis on digital banking has yielded impressive results, with business through digital channels crossing INR 52,000 crore. Indian Bank’s commitment to digital innovation is reflected in the launch of 78 digital journeys, a substantial increase in mobile banking users by 47% YoY, and a significant surge in UPI QR merchants onboarded.

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Asset Quality and Capital Adequacy

Indian Bank’s asset quality showed remarkable improvement, with Gross NPA decreasing by 206 bps YoY to 4.47% and Net NPA reducing by 47 bps to 0.53%. The bank’s provision coverage ratio (PCR) improved by 231 bps YoY to 95.90%, highlighting its prudent risk management and robust recovery mechanisms. The capital adequacy ratio stood at 15.58%, ensuring the bank’s financial stability and readiness for future growth.

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Indian Bank’s financial results for Q3-FY2024 and the nine months ending December 2023 highlight the bank’s strategic prowess and operational efficiency. The substantial growth in net profit, combined with the bank’s focus on digital banking and asset quality improvement, positions Indian Bank as a frontrunner in the banking sector. The bank’s strategic investments in technology and commitment to digital transformation are set to drive further growth and customer satisfaction. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, Indian Bank is well-positioned to navigate the evolving financial landscape and continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.

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