Major resignations hit Congress in Rajasthan amid allegations and alliance disputes


The Congress party in Rajasthan is facing a significant crisis as nearly 400 party workers have resigned from their primary memberships. This mass resignation occurred on Friday and has left the party grappling with internal dissent and strategic challenges. The resignations were triggered by the Congress party’s decision to form an alliance with the Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (RLP) and leave the Nagaur Lok Sabha seat for RLP chief Hanuman Beniwal.

The alliance, which saw Hanuman Beniwal being fielded by Congress, has stirred controversy among the party ranks, especially after the suspension of three key Congress members earlier on Monday. These members, including former MLA Bhararam, Kuchera Municipality Chairperson Tejpal Mirdha, and Sukharam Dodwadiya, were suspended for six years based on allegations of campaigning for BJP candidate Jyoti Mirdha in Nagaur. This action led to further uproar and the subsequent resignation of the three leaders, amplifying the party’s internal conflicts.

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During a press conference on Friday, Tejpal Mirdha expressed his dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership and strategic decisions. “Congress was in a strong position in Nagaur during Assembly polls, winning four out of eight seats. Even in Lok Sabha polls, its position was equally strong. Despite this, why was the alliance formed with the RLP?” Mirdha questioned the party’s decision to ally with what he described as a divisive figure like Beniwal, whom he accused of trying to destroy Congress in Nagaur.

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Tejpal Mirdha further criticized the high command’s decision-making process, stating that the alliance was imposed without the consent of the local Congress state unit and described the expulsion as a “Tughlaqi decree,” referring to arbitrary and oppressive measures. He lamented the change in the party’s ethos, emphasizing that the current leadership was deviating from its democratic principles and operating based on individual whims.

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Amid these accusations, Varun Purohit, another Congress worker, defended the party, dismissing the claims as BJP propaganda and insisting that not all attendees at the controversial events were Congress members.

The turmoil within the Rajasthan Congress highlights significant challenges in party management and strategic alignment, especially in coalition politics. The unfolding events could potentially weaken the party’s structure in Rajasthan, affecting its performance in future elections. It is crucial for the Congress leadership to address these internal divisions and restore confidence among its members and voters alike.

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