Capita plc secures extension of customer experience contract worth over £95m


Capita plc, a leader in customer experience services, has successfully extended its contract with a major European integrated telecoms company, securing a deal valued at more than £95 million.

The contract, set to continue from January 2024, extends for two years with an option for an additional two-year renewal. Capita will provide comprehensive on-shore and near-shore customer experience services, which include handling inbound customer inquiries, operating chatbots, engaging with clients via social media, and managing technical support for customers.

Corinne Ripoche, CEO of Capita Experience, expressed satisfaction with the contract extension, highlighting it as a continuation of a strategic partnership that began in 2008. “We are very proud to extend this contract, which builds on the success of our long-standing strategic partnership since 2008,” said Ripoche. She further emphasized the goal of delivering a customer-centric approach that anticipates and addresses customer needs with a seamless and personalized experience. “We’ll continue to leverage technology to meet our customer’s very high-quality requirements,” Ripoche added.

Capita plc is recognized as one of the main customer experience businesses in Europe, with significant market positions in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland, and a considerable presence in Germany. The extension of this contract underscores Capita’s capabilities and commitment to advancing customer service standards in the telecom industry.

The extension of this contract is not just a testament to Capita’s effective service delivery but also reflects the increasing importance of high-quality customer service in retaining and expanding telecom subscriber bases in a highly competitive market. By enhancing technology-driven customer interactions, Capita is set to further solidify its role as a critical service provider in the telecom sector.

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