Harvest Minerals announces significant RRE findings at Arapuá project


Harvest Minerals Limited, an AIM-listed fertiliser producer, has announced the discovery of rare earth elements (REE) at its wholly-owned Arapuá Fertiliser Project in Brazil. The company’s recent laboratory analyses and ongoing research have shown promising concentrations of Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) in rock samples from the site, indicating significant potential for REE mineralization.

Initial laboratory analysis of selected rock samples from the Arapuá Project has revealed REE contents ranging from 1,176 ppm to 1,860 ppm TREO. Further characterization across a broader sample database, adjusted for varying degrees of weathering, showed TREO contents between 549 ppm and 1,375 ppm, albeit without a complete analysis of all REE elements. Moreover, historical laboratory data currently being validated by Harvest Minerals has indicated even higher REE concentrations, ranging from 1,837 ppm to 4,117 ppm TREO.

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Brian McMaster, Chairman of Harvest Minerals, expressed optimism about the findings, stating, “It is encouraging to observe the presence of critical rare earth elements at the Arapuá Project. We acknowledge the significance of the TREO grades observed in the rock samples in our database, particularly depending on whether the mineralization is associated with ionic clays, which we are currently investigating.” He further detailed the company’s steps to initiate a focused program on REE, aimed at re-assaying a substantial set of selected rock samples and drilling data to provide more detailed insights into the mineralization.

Discovery of Rare Earth Elements at Harvest Minerals' Arapuá Project in Brazil

Discovery of Rare Earth Elements at Harvest Minerals’ Arapuá Project in Brazil

The Arapuá Project consists of nine exploration mineral rights covering an area of 14,481 hectares across the Arapuá and Maximus blocks, owned by Harvest’s subsidiary, Triunfo Mineracao do Brasil. Since 2017, when Harvest disclosed its initial JORC compliant mineral resource estimate, the project has been identified to hold an Indicated and Inferred Resource of 13.07 million tonnes, with significant concentrations of potassium oxide (K2O) and phosphate (P2O5), based on only 6.7% of the known mineralization.

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As the exploration and drilling continue, the presence of REE in the kamafugite rocks associated with the project’s mineral resources offers a new dimension to Harvest’s operational focus. The ongoing analyses, which apply the Chemical Index of Alteration (CIA) to consider the potential association of REE with clays, will play a crucial role in determining the full spectrum of the project’s value.

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The discovery of REE at the Arapuá Project represents a significant development for Harvest Minerals, potentially positioning the company as a key player in the global market for these critical elements. The focus on validating historical data and expanding geochemical analyses could uncover a valuable resource base, enhancing the project’s commercial viability and contributing to the diversification of global rare earth supplies.

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