Rajasthan Congress faces major turmoil ahead of assembly elections


In what’s shaping up as a sensational political drama, the Congress party in Rajasthan is grappling with internal strife and palpable tensions. Protests have erupted across the state, marking a significant hurdle in Congress’s journey towards a consecutive win in the upcoming Assembly elections scheduled for November 25.

Protests and Infighting: A Test for Congress’s Unity

The announcement of candidates in the fourth and fifth lists has unleashed a storm of discontent among Congress workers. Denied tickets, these workers are openly expressing their dissatisfaction, spotlighting rifts within the party. This discord poses a formidable challenge to Congress’s central leadership and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot. Gehlot’s statement – underscoring the impossibility of pleasing everyone and hinting at alternate positions for those overlooked – seems to have done little to quell the unrest.

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Ticket Controversies Exposing Fissures

In an unfolding controversy, the Congress has so far announced candidates for 156 out of 200 Assembly seats. Central to the conflict are three key figures: Ministers Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi, alongside party leader Dharmendra Rathore. The trio, having previously received show-cause notices for alleged insubordination, are now in the eye of this political storm.

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The Saga of Ashok Gehlot and His Loyalists

This strife traces back to when Gehlot was seen as a frontrunner for the Congress President’s position. A resulting rebellion saw 72 MLAs, loyal to Gehlot, submitting resignations to counter the potential elevation of Sachin Pilot as Chief Minister, recalling Pilot’s earlier rebellion against the government in 2020. This move by the MLAs, and the ongoing dissatisfaction over ticket allocations, notably for Mahesh Joshi from Hawamahal constituency, reveals deep-seated issues within the party’s ranks.

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Gehlot’s Aides and the High Command’s Dilemma

Shanti Dhariwal’s stance, portraying Gehlot as the “real high command,” and the subsequent central leadership’s apprehensions, especially from former party president Sonia Gandhi, about including those who’ve opposed the party in decision-making positions, further escalates the controversy. These developments underscore a growing crisis in Rajasthan Congress as the state gears up for its Assembly elections, making this a pivotal moment for Indian politics.

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