BJP storms ahead in Rajasthan elections: Surpassing halfway mark with lead in 101 seats


In a stunning electoral development, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has crossed the critical halfway mark in the Rajasthan assembly elections, securing 101 seats. This lead places them ahead of the Congress party, which currently trails with 78 seats, according to early leads.

BJP’s Remarkable Ascendancy Over Congress

The Rajasthan assembly, comprising 199 seats, has witnessed a remarkable shift in power dynamics. The BJP’s ascendancy signals a significant change from the last term, where Congress was in power. The vote share in the 2018 election was a close race, with BJP at 38.77% and Congress slightly ahead at 39.30%.

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Strategic Moves by Political Parties Amidst Election Turbulence

Both BJP and Congress have reportedly reached out to winning independents and rebel candidates, as per news agency PTI. These independent players may play a crucial role in the formation of the government. The election saw over 40 rebels from both parties contesting, following the denial of tickets, adding to the complexity of the electoral battle.

Election Shockwave: BJP Dominates in Rajasthan, Congress Scrambling at 78 Seats

Election Shockwave: BJP Dominates in Rajasthan, Congress Scrambling at 78 Seats

Exit Polls and Their Varied Predictions

While most exit polls had predicted an edge for the BJP, a few had surprisingly forecasted a Congress win in their upper limit predictions. This discrepancy in exit polls added to the pre-election suspense, making the BJP’s current lead even more sensational.

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Celebratory Mood in BJP Camp

Amidst this electoral whirlwind, Rajasthan Congress leader CP Joshi told NDTV about distributing ladoos, a traditional Indian sweet, reflecting the festive mood in the party despite the current standings.

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