L&T Technology Services partners with NVIDIA for advanced medical imaging solutions


L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS), a globally recognized pure-play engineering services company, has embarked on an innovative collaboration with NVIDIA, a leader in AI and graphics technology. This partnership aims to develop software-defined architectures for medical devices, specifically targeting endoscopy enhancements. This collaboration responds to the medical industry’s challenges regarding the availability, cost, and dependency on custom and proprietary hardware components.

Revolutionizing Medical Imaging with AI and Software-Defined Architecture

The architecture, designed from scratch, includes a sophisticated image processing pipeline for noise reduction, edge and contrast enhancement, texture and color enhancement, and speckle correction. The unique aspect of this solution is its integration of AI/ML models, specifically developed for detecting, identifying, and classifying polyps found during colonoscopies. The solution boasts a user-friendly interface and seamless integration of the image processing pipeline for visualization, ensuring low-latency data transfer, superior image processing without performance bottlenecks, and scalability.

L&T Technology Services and NVIDIA Join Forces to Enhance Medical Imaging with AI Technology

L&T Technology Services and NVIDIA Join Forces to Enhance Medical Imaging with AI Technology

Leveraging NVIDIA’s Advanced Platforms

The partnership leverages NVIDIA’s Holoscan and IGX Orin platforms, known for ultra-low latency in data transfer, superior image processing, and scalability. These platforms support multiple AI-enabled applications, enhancing visualization for image processing and providing AI-based decision-making support, such as for polyp detection and classification.

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Shanker Trivedi of NVIDIA on the Collaboration

Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA, highlighted the value of this collaboration. He emphasized that the combination of LTTS’s expertise in medical-device development and NVIDIA’s edge AI computing platform accelerates the development of AI-enabled, software-defined medical devices, providing a complete solution for customers transitioning to a software-defined business model through real-time AI applications.

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Amit Chadha of LTTS on Enhancing Clinical Decision-Making

Amit Chadha, CEO and Managing Director of L&T Technology Services, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. He stressed that the combination of NVIDIA’s Holoscan software platform for edge AI inference and the NVIDIA IGX Orin hardware platform is set to accelerate the development of AI-powered medical imaging solutions. This enhances image quality and real-time clinical decision-making support, improving clinician efficiency and patient outcomes.

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Implications for the Medical Technology Industry

This collaboration between L&T Technology Services and NVIDIA marks a significant step in medical technology innovation. It promises to transform the landscape of medical imaging and diagnostics, providing advanced solutions that can significantly impact patient care and clinical efficiency.

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