FIGUR8 raises $25m to upgrade MSK health analytics platform


FIGUR8, a trailblazer in musculoskeletal (MSK) health analytics, has successfully concluded a Series A-1 funding round amassing $25 million. Spearheading this investment was First Spark Ventures (FSV), supported by both DigiTx Partners and Phoenix Venture Partners. This funding promises to magnify the reach and application of FIGUR8’s bioMotion Assessment Platform (bMAP), a core system designed to unveil in-depth insights into MSK health and recovery strategies by harnessing precise biomechanics data garnered within clinical spaces.

Reimagining MSK Health Assessment

The bMAP by FIGUR8 is distinguished for its precision in crafting data-driven narratives for musculoskeletal care and injury recuperation. The platform’s high-caliber data authorizes healthcare providers to lucidly interpret symptoms, diagnosis, and progression. This, in tandem, also assists insurance agencies to refine their claim processing, devise smarter risk management tactics, and expedite recovery for patients with injuries.

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Nan-Wei Gong, the visionary founder and CEO of FIGUR8, voiced her enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to have FSV leading this important investment round. FSV’s experience in backing transformative technologies and strategic guidance will not only bolster our efforts to elevate the musculoskeletal industry, but also pave the way for significant advancements in digital MSK health, as FIGUR8 elevates the standard of care with codified, clinically-relevant data.”

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Advocates for Personalized MSK Healthcare

Commenting on the pivotal role of mobility and its restoration, Manish Kothari, the Founding Managing Partner of First Spark Ventures, remarked, “Mobility is an essential part of who we are and how we function. FIGUR8 brings a proven, deeply scientific way to guide the best pathways for restoration of mobility. Objective MSK data enables a new level of personalized healthcare and risk evaluation, while simultaneously reducing cost and strongly improving satisfaction across patients, providers and payers.”

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At the forefront of standardizing musculoskeletal (MSK) health metrics, FIGUR8’s bMAP facilitates users to vigilantly track and enhance their injury recovery, athletic prowess, and overall wellness. By amalgamating providers, patients, and payers, FIGUR8 crafts an ecosystem of amplified insights and tailored care solutions.

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