NanoQT secures $8.5m to advance proprietary quantum processing units


Nanofiber Quantum Technologies Inc. (NanoQT), a trailblazing startup in the field of quantum computing, has secured $8.5 million in funding from leading venture capital investors. Phoenix Venture Partners (PvP) in the US and Japan’s JAFCO Group, SPARX Group, Keio Innovation Initiative, and Waseda University Ventures financed the round through convertible notes. The Tokyo and California-based NanoQT focuses on fiber-connectable quantum computing hardware employing nanofiber cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) technology.

Nanofiber Cavity QED: NanoQT’s Novel Approach to Quantum Computing

Unique to NanoQT is its use of nanofiber cavity QED technology, differentiating it from superconducting circuits and ion traps commonly employed in quantum computing. Founded in 2022 and rooted in over a decade of research by Professor Takao Aoki at Waseda University, Japan, NanoQT aims to develop quantum processing units (QPUs) that function as quantum repeaters and distributed computational units. Their proprietary QPU system employs neutral atoms and photons as qubits, revolutionizing the approach to scalable and modular quantum computing.

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Leaders Speak: US-Japan Synergy in Funding and Technology

NanoQT’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Masashi Hirose, stated, “We are thrilled with the support from our US and Japanese investors. With this funding, our primary objective is to develop our proprietary QPU for quantum repeaters, an innovation not yet seen in the market.”

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Dr. Nobi Kambe, General Partner of Phoenix Venture Partners, noted, “This is our first investment in a Japan-origin startup. We are deeply impressed by NanoQT’s innovative approach in the quantum hardware sector and pleased to support their US expansion.”

Future Plans: Accelerated R&D and Global Collaborations

Fueled by the $8.5m investment, NanoQT plans to accelerate its research and development efforts, onboard talent from both the US and Japan, and foster collaborations with academia and private corporations. With the synergistic Japan-US relationship and armed with cutting-edge technology, NanoQT aims to set a new standard for global collaboration in the rapidly evolving quantum computing field.

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