FedEx Innovation Lab invests in for smarter, data-driven supply chains


FedEx Innovation Lab (FIL) has made a strategic investment in, the proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) stack of Mad Street Den that enables transformation for Fortune 2000 companies and large enterprises across various industries.

The investment aims to leverage advanced technology and data-driven insights to optimize supply chains, providing enhanced value and improved customer experiences.

FedEx Innovation Lab’s initiative contributes to the growth of budding start-ups in India by leveraging the robust FedEx network, resources, and global customer base. The speed-to-market capabilities and value added through these collaborations are expected to bolster FedEx’s digital prowess on a global scale. As FedEx continues to evolve its operations and product offerings to meet the modern supply chain’s demands, partnerships fostered through FedEx Innovation Lab are set to benefit customers worldwide.

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Kami Viswanathan — FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (MEISA) senior vice president said: “FedEx is committed to creating smart logistics for all and this investment will be instrumental for both parties to achieve technological innovation that benefits global customers. This collaboration will also help expand FedEx’s advanced digital capabilities as it continues to differentiate its portfolio offerings to meet modern supply chain and logistics needs’.” is at the forefront of facilitating the meaningful adoption of AI, building a wide array of applications across industries with its platform. This is achieved by employing a mix of a large preset model marketplace and DSML tools, which enable building custom models on a fully equipped data platform layer.

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The platform champions a data-centric approach to operationalizing AI on an enterprise scale. It focuses on maximizing the value derived from data, allowing the AI to decide when, for whom, and by whom models are applied based on user interactions. plans to continue expanding its capabilities across industries, serving as a unified AI platform where large enterprises can construct vertically integrated stacks relevant to their specific industry.

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Ashwini Asokan — Mad Street Den CEO said: “ is thrilled to be working alongside FedEx. The FedEx vision for logistics powered by AI was an incredibly exciting proposal for us. Through this partnership, we aim to power mission critical applications and a data centric approach for the logistics industry and collaborate on a holistic vision for AI in the organization.

“By bringing this collaboration to market, our goal is to explore and execute tech-led product innovation and enable smart logistics for all.”

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