Campari Group brings Aperol Spritz ready-to-serve to Ontario and Quebec


Campari Group said that Italian orange bittersweet aperitif Aperol has launched a new Aperol Spritz ready-to-serve format in and Quebec.

The pre-mixed cocktail, which has been made in Italy, comes with a bittersweet taste with carbonation and vibrant color.

Aperol Spritz contains the Aperol recipe prepared from citrus oil infused with herbs and roots and sparkling wine and soda.

David Allard — Campari Group Marketing VP said: “As one of the most recognizable cocktails in the world, Aperol Spritz sparks joy and connection amongst those who enjoy it, and now these special moments can take place effortlessly.

“With an iconic recipe, we are pleased to be able to make the quintessential Aperol Spritz occasion easier to enjoy than ever before.”

Campari Group brings Aperol Spritz ready-to-serve aperitif to Ontario and Quebec

Campari Group brings Aperol Spritz ready-to-serve aperitif to and Quebec. Photo courtesy of CNW Group/Campari Group Canada.

Campari Group said that the Aperol Spritz Ready to Serve is 9% by volume (ABV). It can be bought in packs of three 200 ml glass bottles in Quebec starting in April for the RRP of C$15.9, followed by from May for the RRP of C$16.95.

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