Age Old Home Therapies For Common Ailments

There are several age old practices done commonly by old people in the homes whenever any body falls sick. Even though these methods are not forgotten but being done in luxurious hotel and spas and are highly expensive for a common man.

These age old practices can easily be done at homes without much expenditure to ameliorate the sickness and helping in fast recovery.

Let us see some of these practices and how they act:

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

1. Massage:

Several parts of the body are generally massaged whenever any body falls sick in the homes. Scalp, hands, forehead, feet, back and spine are generally massaged for relief. By doing massage the circulation in the areas are improved and the cells are supplied with more oxygen thereby recharging with more energy.

The lymphatic system is activated and the waste products are drained. With the result the patient feels comfortable stress is relieved and sleeps well. This is a common experience for most of the patients undergoing massage. Further massage reduces pain, migraine, and blood pressure.

Massage can be done without any external applications or can also be done with some massaging oils like olive oil, mustard oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil or camphor mixed in oil.

2. Fomentation:

Fomentation is another method of home remedies done in our homes by aged people. In fomentation a hot pad or a hot substance is applied on the affected part repeatedly to ameliorate pain, inflammation and swelling. Fomentation is done for arthritis, severe sprains and injuries (contusions). Fomentation can also be done with cold water or substances. Generally cold fomentation is done when the injury is fresh. For chronic pains and swellings hot fomentation is preferred. Fomentation is done by hot water, salt, brick powder, and by rice flour boiled and made into a paste.

Fomentation with hot water:

Boil water and soak thick cloth in it and Squeeze the excess water. Apply the cloth to the affected part and press it. Repeat the process till relief. If the patient cannot bear the heat reduce the heat. For acute pains the patient gets relief with hot fomentation. For chronic pains hot fomentation should be combined with a suitable oil massage.

Fomentation with hot poultice:

Hot poultice can be made with rice flour. Mix a cup of rice flour with a pinch of turmeric (Telugu: Pasupu) and water. Boil this and make into a paste. Take this paste in a cloth and apply on the affected part or put a bandage on it Leave it till the patient gets relief. This is very good home remedy for unopened boils. With this the boils open and the pus inside will be expelled without any surgical intervention.

Advantages of fomentation:

Fomentation reduces inflammation, pain, swelling and it relaxes the muscles


Inhalation is an age old process wherein steam with some medications will be inhaled by the patient to get relief from respiratory problems. Water is boiled and a pinch of turmeric, menthol and few drops of eucalyptus oil are added. Then the person should sit in front of the bowl and cover his head and the bowl with a thick cloth. This prevents escape of the medicated steam. Inhalation should be done for 10-15 minutes twice daily.

This is a very useful treatment for colds, asthma, cough and migraine. It gives a great relief from nasal congestion and headaches due to common cold and sinusitis. While taking inhalation care should be taken otherwise the hot water may spill and scald the inhaler.

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