Z Natural Foods introduces Berry Punch Collagen Peptides Powder

Florida-based Z Natural Foods has launched its new Berry Punch Collagen Peptides Powder, which is claimed to be high in protein, vitamins and minerals and more antioxidants than green tea or red wine, as per the food product launch news.

The food powder comprises phytochemical-dense superfruits and berries combined with high protein collagen peptides.

Containing organic banana and pineapple fruits, Berry Punch Collagen Peptides will deliver vitamins, minerals, potassium and bromelain for added healing power.

Sam Hirschberg – Director of Marketing for Z Natural Foods said: “Berry Punch Collagen Peptides give you a nourishing blend of high-protein collagen and a variety of colorful polyphenol-rich fruits.

“High in vitamins and minerals, this drink is virtually guaranteed to make you feel younger and healthier.

“Because this fruity collagen drink provides so much nutrition, we believe it’s the best energy, work-out, and anti-aging supplement there is.

“And customers tell us the berry punch flavor makes them feel like a kid again.”

Berry Punch Collagen Peptides Powder

New Berry Punch Collagen Peptides Powder launched by Z Natural Foods. Photo courtesy of Z Natural Foods.

Berry Punch Collagen Peptides, which is priced at $19.99 a pound, can be stored for two years, come in an air-locked, freezer-tight, resealable, and stand up foil pouch.

Z Natural Foods with over 400 specialty products offers a wide range of natural foods.

The company’s grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen peptides provide both type I and type III collagen, an important protein component for skin, hair, nails, muscle, tendons, joints, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels.

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