The juicy scandal that rocked China: How Qin Gang’s love affair led to his downfall


In a jaw-dropping exposé, The Wall Street Journal has lifted the veil on the sudden ouster of China’s former Foreign Minister Qin Gang. The bombshell report reveals that Qin was fired after allegedly having an extramarital affair and even fathering a child during his tenure as Beijing’s top envoy to Washington. This seismic revelation has the Chinese authorities scrambling to investigate whether Qin’s steamy affair has compromised China’s national security.

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High-Stakes Drama: Mysterious Disappearance Led to Ouster

Formerly a confidant of President Xi Jinping, Qin Gang disappeared from the public eye for weeks, igniting wildfire speculation. Previously, Chinese officials had claimed the 57-year-old’s absence was due to health reasons. However, the Wall Street Journal cites insiders who reveal the reason for his ouster as “lifestyle issues,” a commonly used euphemism in the Communist Party for sexual misconduct. Chinese officials were briefed on the investigation’s findings, which pointed out that Qin’s so-called “lifestyle issues” were, in fact, an ongoing affair that led to the birth of a child in the U.S.

1. Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Removed over Extramarital Affair

Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Removed over Extramarital Affair. US State Department photo by Chuck Kennedy/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons.

Who Are the Woman and Child? The Mystery Deepens

While the identities of the woman and the child remain undisclosed, sources mentioned that Qin is cooperating with the investigation. This is now focused on assessing whether his indiscretions have threatened national security. When queried about these sensational developments, Mao Ning, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, gave an evasive response, claiming no knowledge beyond what has already been disclosed. Qin was replaced by the veteran diplomat Wang Yi after his shocking disappearance and subsequent firing.

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