Is ousted Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang dead? Here’s the truth!


In a sensational turn of events, former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who was ousted from his position in July, reportedly died later that month, with claims of either suicide or torture. This bombshell allegation was made in a Politico report on Wednesday, December 6, citing sources close to top Chinese officials. Qin’s death, occurring in a military hospital in Beijing, has sent shockwaves through political circles, raising numerous questions about the circumstances of his demise.

Qin Gang’s Rapid Fall from Grace

Qin, replaced by veteran diplomat Wang Yi, had a storied career, serving as the Chinese ambassador to the United States and the country’s vice minister. He was also China’s chief protocol officer, managing President Xi Jinping’s foreign interactions. His abrupt disappearance and reported death have fueled speculation and controversy, highlighting the murky waters of Chinese politics.

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Rumors of a Stalin-like Purge by President Xi

The report of Qin’s death emerges amidst rumors of President Xi Jinping’s extensive purge, likened to Stalin’s, that reportedly began in 2012. This purge is said to have targeted millions of officials, including high-profile figures like Defence Minister Li Shangfu. The unexplained disappearance of Qin and Li Shangfu represents the stark reality of this political upheaval.

Shocking Revelation: Did China's Qin Gang Die by Suicide or Was He Tortured?

Shocking Revelation: Did China’s Qin Gang Die by Suicide or Was He Tortured?

High-Profile Victims and Allegations of Custodial Deaths

According to Politico, other victims of this purge include generals overseeing China’s nuclear weapons program and senior financial officials, many of whom allegedly died in custody. This sweeping purge appears to have left no stone unturned in its quest to consolidate power and eliminate perceived threats.

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The Scandal Involving Qin Gang and Western Intelligence

Compounding the mystery, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, who met Qin in June, reportedly informed President Xi that Qin and top officers of the People’s Liberation Army had been compromised by Western intelligence. This revelation adds a layer of international intrigue to the already complex narrative.

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Qin’s Alleged Extra-marital Affair and Political Downfall

Further complicating matters, Qin was reportedly involved in an extramarital affair with journalist Fu Xiaotian, with whom he fathered a son, a U.S. citizen. This scandal, emerging while Qin was the ambassador to the U.S., might have contributed to his political downfall. Fu Xiaotian, a Cambridge University alumna and a significant donor, also disappeared after naming Qin as the father of her child.

The Intersection of Personal Scandal and Political Intrigue

The report suggests that Qin’s involvement in a scandal, including the defence minister and top rocket force officers, and the passing of China’s nuclear secrets to the West, may have been the real reason behind his sudden disappearance and alleged death.

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