Thales partners with Intel for cutting-edge data security solutions


Global technology leader Thales has teamed up with Intel to bolster its CipherTrust Data Security platform, aiming to deliver unparalleled end-to-end data security. Leveraging confidential computing and trusted attestation backed by Intel Trust Authority, this collaboration targets customers in highly regulated industries, providing fortified security for both on-premises and cloud workloads.

Thales CipherTrust Tackles Cloud Security Concerns

Thales’ collaboration with Intel comes at a pivotal moment, as cloud security continues to be a pressing concern for businesses. According to the 2023 Thales Cloud Security Study, a majority of respondents have significant amounts of sensitive data stored in the cloud. This new collaboration merges Thales’ CipherTrust Data Security Platform with Intel’s attestation service to ensure seamless, end-to-end security for data in use and associated workloads.

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Confidential Computing Sets New Security Benchmark

Confidential computing, a key component of this collaboration, provides an extra layer of security by performing computations in a cryptographically isolated hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Thales’ innovative approach allows customers to control cryptographic key material, sidestepping the traditional need to place complete trust in cloud providers. With trusted attestation from Intel, Thales ensures that sensitive workloads are only decrypted within secure Intel environments, like Intel TEE, Intel Trust Domain Extension (TDX), or Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX).

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Thales and Intel executives highlighted the partnership’s capacity to meet stringent regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, all while ensuring data privacy and confidentiality. This collaborative solution offers businesses robust tools for data protection, underlining the technology leadership of both Thales and Intel in the rapidly evolving world of cloud and data security.

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