Tech Mahindra launches Metaverse practice called TechMVerse


Tech Mahindra has launched its Metaverse practice called TechMVerse for providing its customers with interactive and immersive experiences in the Metaverse.

With an objective to reimagine customer experience and deliver real business outcomes, the Indian IT services provider plans to utilize its network and infrastructure capabilities as well as its foundational technological capabilities including pervasive artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, blockchain, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and quantum computing for creating B2B use cases across sectors.

Initially, Tech Mahindra will make use of the opportunities presented by the Metaverse via various use cases including Middlemist – NFT marketplace, DealerVerse – metaverse-based car dealership, Meta Bank – a virtual bank, and gaming center.

TechMVerse will provide immersive digital and professional experience services focused on design, content, and low code non-fungible tokens (NFT) and platforms, while also ensuring that the metaverse strategy is in line with Tech Mahindra’s digital and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Furthermore, Tech Mahindra has partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra to provide exclusive digital collectibles, starting with a series based on one of the popular brands of the Indian automobile firm. The collectibles will be listed, minted, and offered for sale via Tech Mahindra’s NFT Marketplace platform.

Tech Mahindra launches Metaverse practice called TechMVerse

Tech Mahindra launches Metaverse practice called TechMVerse. Image courtesy of Nurudeen Ayaga Alidu from Pixabay.

CP Gurnani — MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra said: “At Tech Mahindra, we have always been at the forefront of 5G and our entry into the Metaverse is yet another milestone in our journey of catalyzing future readiness and disrupting and transforming customer experiences. The fundamental layers of metaverse are very well integrated within Tech Mahindra and its competencies.

“From infrastructure to experience, from spatial computing to now commerce, TechMahindra’s platform, the TechMverse would enable a seamless integration between our known expertise in 5G with our skills in AI, AR/VR and blockchain. We would be training workforce of 1000 engineers to ensure they are ready to solve complex business challenges and imagine new worlds for our customers and society.”

Last month, another Indian IT firm Infosys had introduced a new service dubbed as Infosys metaverse foundry for simplifying and speeding up enterprises’ exploration of the metaverse.

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