Tech Mahindra and IBM join forces to boost generative AI adoption

Tech Mahindra and IBM have announced a strategic collaboration to enhance the adoption of generative AI (GenAI) technologies across various industries, leveraging their combined expertise in AI consulting and engineering. This partnership aims to integrate Tech Mahindra’s amplifAI0->∞, a suite of AI offerings, with IBM’s watsonx AI and data platform, enhancing governance capabilities and fostering the scalable adoption of AI.

Driving Responsible AI Adoption

The collaboration focuses on developing new GenAI services and solutions that enable businesses to leverage their trusted data and automate processes. By combining the strengths of IBM watsonx and Tech Mahindra’s AI consulting prowess, the partnership aims to deliver AI applications that build trustworthy AI models, mitigating risks and biases while promoting transparency and explainability.

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer at Tech Mahindra, highlighted the strategic benefits of the partnership, saying, “Our work with IBM can help advance digital transformation for organizations, adoption of GenAI, modernization, and ultimately foster business growth for our global customers.”

Tech Mahindra teams up with IBM to drive global generative AI adoption, enhancing responsible AI practices and business growth

Tech Mahindra teams up with IBM to drive global generative AI adoption, enhancing responsible AI practices and business growth

Enhancing Business Capabilities with AI

Tech Mahindra has established a virtual watsonx Centre of Excellence (CoE), which serves as a co-innovation hub. The CoE is dedicated to optimizing the synergies between Tech Mahindra and IBM, developing unique offerings based on their combined technological strengths. These solutions aim to assist enterprises in building scalable machine learning models using open-source frameworks and accelerating the impact of GenAI on business efficiency and productivity.

Kate Woolley, General Manager of IBM Ecosystem, emphasized the innovative potential of GenAI, stating, “GenAI can be a catalyst for innovation with the potential to unlock new market opportunities when built on a foundation of explainability, transparency, and trust. Our work with Tech Mahindra is expected to expand the reach of watsonx, allowing even more customers to build trustworthy AI.”

Expanding Tech Mahindra’s AI Portfolio

This collaboration is part of Tech Mahindra’s ongoing efforts to transform enterprises with AI-led solutions, including their recent launches such as Vision amplifAIer, Ops amplifAIer, and Generative AI Studio, among others. For more information about Tech Mahindra’s AI solutions and the new partnership with IBM, interested parties can explore the detailed offerings of TechM amplifAI0->∞.

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